Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Old Job that's New Again

A little background:
About this time last year I started working for didn't last very long, and by the end of August I found myself without a job. My sister had signed up with American Staffcorp so I decided to do the same. They sent me on a few interviews that didn't work out. One Friday in October they sent me to an interview at Chart Cooler Service Company. I got the job and started working there the last week in October 2010. What started out as a 2-4 week temporary job turned into almost 6 months there. Unfortunately in late March/early April business had slowed down and there wasn't a need for my position anymore.

After leaving Chart I did a couple weeks for Manhattan Construction. Awesome company, but not an awesome position. Since then I spent a couple weeks at home with Lexi and went on a few interviews that didn't work out. Thankfully for me Chart contacted me last week and said they needed to fill my position for 5-6 weeks. I was so excited! I really loved it there and was super excited to go back.

That's not to say I wasn't a little nervous about going back. It had been about 6 weeks since I had been there....would I remember everything I needed to know? Come to find out everything was still there in my head! When I went in Wednesday I was able to pick back up where I left off.

Not only does this put me back into society (it gets lonely staying home all day) but it puts Lexi back at her school, with her friends. She was so excited Tuesday night when she went to bed, knowing that she was going to get to go see her friends the next day. She did have a couple of rough mornings where we had to wake her up, which she didn't appreciate. Friday she was screaming "I want my mommy" when I was walking out the door. It makes it really hard to leave! But, I know we are both where we need to be right now.

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