Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stealing Blog Ideas Already

I saw a great blog idea, so I'm going to steal it from Lisa and Joel. They talked about how they are critical of themselves, and made a point to talk about the things they love about themselves. I guess the easiest thing for me is to list the things I don't like about myself. That comes the most natural of course.
My weight would be the very first thing I would criticize when I look in the mirror. 2 years later and I'm bigger than when I gave birth to Lexi. I hate that! I tend to lay the blame on PCOS, and while it does make it harder to lose weight, I know it's possible. But, I lack motivation and willpower to stick with a diet. When it comes to food I'm not very strong.
I don't like my hair. It's decent, but nothing like I wish it could be. And I always have split ends!
This isn't something you can look in the mirror and see, but I wish I was a better wife and mom. I hold on to a lot of guilt. Things I can't go back and change, but I wish I could.
I hate that I have glasses. Shortly after Lexi was born I tore my last pair of contacts. At the time we didn't have vision insurance and there was no extra money for contacts. Now that we do have vision insurance I don't have extra time or money to go to the eye dr.
Now the hard part, the things I like about myself.
I have always liked my smile. Even though it's a little crooked, and my teeth are wanting to go to hell on me, I still like it.
I think I have cute feet. I know that's weird. It's especially weird since I absolutely hate feet, but I think mine are decent.
I think I have nice eyes. I love to experiment with eye makeup, and think I can do a decent job.
Well, that's all for now. I'm off to pick Lexi up from school and run to WalMart for a few things!

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  1. I love your smile, too. Mine is crooked, so I am jealous. And you are way better at eye makeup than me!