Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy August

Well, I'm going to follow in the footsteps of Lisa and make a monthly goal list. Since it's my first month doing this I'm going to start out kinda easy.

  • Work out more days than not. I am starting out slow. No running, no jogging, just walking. I figure walking 1.15 miles yesterday was better than sitting on my ass. So, doing something has to be better than doing nothing.

  • Work 8 hours every weekday (except for schedule dr appts). This is something that is going to be hard for me with the depression and my migraines, but I'm going to try to struggle through.

  • Read my Bible more. Simple enough. I need to MAKE TIME to do the important things.

  • Try at least one new crochet pattern. I am getting tired of making the same old things and using the same old patterns. I want to start branching out more.

That should be easy enough for me to handle, right?! I hope so!

Feel free to use this idea and leave comments on what your goals are this month!

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