Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thankful Thursday 1/24/13

* Thankful for another healthy week in the Brigance Household.  (knock on wood) I know the week isn't over, but we've pretty much made it through 2 weeks with no one being sick.
Bubba still has some eczema on his head, but we keep putting cream on it so hopefully that will go away soon.
Miss Rosemay decided to walk UP the slide at school this week and fell off.  She got herself a pretty nice black eye, but has not complained about it once.

Lexi's black eye
*We dedicated the kids to the church on Sunday.  We promised to raise them in a Godly manner, and the church promised to help us.  It was a great service on the Sanctity of Life, and a great start to the week.


 What are you thankful for this week?
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  1. Thank goodness your daughter want's hurt more seriously!!
    So many wonderful things to be thankful for!!

    1. I know! I'm dreading the day when I get a phone call from the school saying she is hurt. My husband is on campus though, so he can get there quick!