Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ten on Tuesday 3/19/13

1.  Do you snore? I think sometimes I do.

2.  What do you think of Reality TV?  I enjoy it, as long as I don't feel like it's too scripted.  Hell's Kitchen is back on and I really like that show.  We watch Chopped.  Sometimes Amazing Race.

3.  Do you sing in the shower?  No.  But I read an article yesterday about how people who sing in the shower are generally happier than people who don't.

4.  Have you ever bungee jumped?  No, but I used to want to do it so bad.  Now that I have kids I have different priorities.  But it's still something that given the opportunity I think I would do.

5.  Have you ever been on an airplane?  No.  But I definitely want to fly!

6.  Do you cry at weddings?  Generally yes.  I just get so wrapped up in all the emotion and love that is present at the time. 

7.  Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?  Yes.  Once when I had a car wreck, and once when I was transported from a small hospital to a larger hospital.  Neither time was with lights and sirens though. :)

8.  Do you like your handwriting?  Yes I do.

9.  Can you sing the alphabet backwards?  I don't think I can sing it backwards, but I think I can say it backwards.

10.  When was the last time you said I love you?  This morning I called Jacob when I got to work to tell him that I left my phone at home.  We said I love you at the end of the conversation.

Feel free to answer these questions on your blog, or pick 10 questions of your own!!

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