Monday, March 21, 2016

switching it up again

Well tomorrow I start orientation at target. So my kids will be going back into daycare. I don't worry about Lexi so much because she goes to school. But I do worry about my Rex Allen. I've been home with him for several months now so we have established a pretty good routine. And now I'm going to flip that routine upside down. I know he has friends there and his bestie cousin Mattie. But I worry about the first few days of transition. 
Financially we are in a place where I have to take a job even if it isn't my dream job. Target was the first place to call me in for an interview and hired me on the spot. I just have a few things I am going to need them to work with me on. Jacob has taken the responsibility of teaching a night class on Tuesdays and Thursday's. Which means he won't get home until late on those nights. Those are also the nights that we have softball practice right now. 
So basically I'm asking for prayers. Specifically that our morning will go smooth. That our transitions will be smooth. And that I can make this work for a while. 
As Jacob said last night, the situations haven't been ideal but our children are definitely building character. Tonight we talked about what "going with the flow" means and how we might just have to implement that mindset for a while. 


  1. Danielle, I believe you and your family will do great with this transition. Let those around you help when they can and try not to stress over things and especially the little things.. I know easier said than done. It will work. Love ya... Aunt Linda