Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Becoming home buyers

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We are in the process of buying our very own home. We have lived with my parents for a year while we were getting back on our feet. Thankfully my job finally transitioned to permanent status, so we have been able to save up some money. I am so thankful for this home they have given us and Lexi.
About the new house:
It is a doublewide trailer, which I've learned some people don't consider a house, but oh well. The house is amazing. It is a foreclosure home so we have a few more hoops to jump through, than just a normal buy. We originally placed an offer on the house and were denied. We didn't make a counteroffer at that time. We looked at a few more places, but our minds just kept coming back to this house. So we decides to place a second, higher offer. And it was accepted! The seller has been giving us the runaround on some things but we are sticking to our guns, and doing what we know is best. The inspections are supposed to start today. We have had to cancel them twice because of issues on the seller's end. We have had to file for an extension on the 10 days to get inspections done. Because of unforseen issues and the Thanksgiving holiday we have run out of time. We are in love with our realtor and Lexi calls him Uncle Chad. She asks to go see him all the time. The house has been vacant for about 3 years. It has been winterized, but we are telling ourselves that it will be perfectly normal to have something leak when they run the water back on. There are some things already noticed that will need repaired before the inspection will pass, but we have some money built in for repairs. We purchased our appliances this weekend, so that makes it a little more real. Once these inspections are through I will feel a little more at ease about the whole thing. It is definitely a process I don't want to go through very often.New

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