Monday, January 28, 2013

Letter's to Rex - 1/28/13

Rex Allen,

You are an amazing little boy!
You grow so much every single day.

You are sleeping through the night now.  Which Mommy and Daddy really love!  You still wake up some nights and need a little midnight snack, but that's happens to all of us!  You sleep in your big boy bed, and move around so much through the night.

You smile so much!  Such a happy little boy!  Your eyes light up in the morning when you see Mommy, Daddy, or Sissy.

You are a drooling machine right now.  You have got to be teething.  You love to chew on anything you can get in your mouth.  I can't see or feel any little teeth right now, but I hope something breaks through soon so you can get some relief from that.

You have eaten some banana a time or two.  You still aren't sure about eating real food.  I mixed up some sweet potatoes yesterday so we will have to try that soon.

You want to sit up on your own, but you just can't balance right now.  But you love to sit up and see the world around you.

In just a few days you will be 5 months old.  That's almost half a year!!  I can't believe you have been here that long!

You are a big boy!  You are in the 75 % for your height....I don't know where you got that sure wasn't Mommy!

You still don't have much hair, but we're holding out hope that it's going to come in red.

You can still wear some 3 month tops, but pants and pajamas have to be at least 3-6, and most of them are starting to get too short!  I joked with Daddy that you are going to pass Lexi in weight by your first birthday....but that might really be true!

I love you bunches and bunches!



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  1. I love this. And I'm voting yes on red hair!