Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Letters to Rex - January 2014

Rex Allen,

Where do I even begin? You are so different from your sister. You are constantly on the move. Climbing and destroying everything in your path. I remember when we couldn't wait for you to walk... now I just want you to slow down!

Your tube surgery helped you so much. Within a few days you were taking steps and saying more words.

Right now you can say: mama, dada, banana, cracker, thank you, I love you. We are working on Sissy and Lexi. She will be so excited when you can finally say her name.

You go to daycare at the school. You love your teachers so much... and I think they like you a little too. 😉

You eat from the time you get up in the morning until the time you go to bed at night. You will eat pretty much anything I give you. But some of your favorites are: bananas, pop tarts, cereal bars, chips, cookies, crackers, craisins, and dry cereal.

The funniest thing you are doing lately is blowing your nose. You can really do it! But you scrunch that little face up and blow... it's just so cute.

You sleep through the night for the most part.

You don't have near as many teeth as what your sister had by this time. You won't let me feel around in there for very long, but I think you have 12 teeth total right now. You sure are drooling a ton... and BITING your friends. So I'm hoping this is just a teething thing and it will go away soon!

Son, I love you so much! I was worried about what it would be like having a boy, after getting used to all the girly things. But it is truly amazing. Your smile lights up my darkest days. You will always be my baby boy!



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