Sunday, July 27, 2014

An Open Letter to my Niece, Mattie Marie

The following is a letter I'm writing to my niece, Mattie.  This letter can be given to her when she is older and able to understand.

Dear Mattie Marie,

Aunt Danielle made a mistake baby.  Well, I guess lots of mistakes.  Today when you get to daycare, and you are waiting patiently by the front doors (I have the image in my head right now) for Lexi and Rex to come to school.... well baby, they won't be coming today.  Or tomorrow, and maybe not for a long time.  You see, Aunt Danielle made some mistakes at work, so she lost her job.  So Lexi and Rex will be staying home with me until I find another job. 
I know this will make you sad.  And I'm so sorry baby!  I would never want to do anything to make you sad.  But Aunt Danielle is trying really hard to find another job, so that Lexi and Rex can come back and play with you soon! 
I love you baby girl!   You take care of your Bubba, Blake, and play with your other friends, and Lexi and Rex will be back before you know it!!


Aunt Danielle

Truly, it breaks my heart thinking about Mattie's sweet face standing by that door waiting for her cousins to get there.  I lost a job shortly after Lexi had started daycare, and it broke my heart to have to pull her out because she had already made friends and was excited to go every day.  So this time, I didn't really get that anxious feeling, and I was feeling pretty good about myself.... until I thought of Mattie standing there at the door.  I know her teachers will give her lots of extra lovings today and take care of her.  And I know kids are resilient and can bounce back from almost anything, but it still made my heart hurt to think about it.

I love you baby girl!!