Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Letters to Rex: 12/28/16

Rex Allen,

You are the most amazing little boy I have ever met.  You say or do something every day that just amazes me.  Your attitude is fierce, but your love is even more fierce. You know exactly when to lay the sweetness on me...usually when you know you've done something wrong and you're about to be in trouble.  I keep telling you that your little smile will not get you out of trouble forever.

You are so smart, but you just don't want anyone to know it.  When you're counting or singing ABCs you don't want anyone to be listening to you. I'm constantly trying to catch you on video. Last week daddy was spelling your name because he didn't want you to know that we were talking about you.  As soon as he spelled your name you said, "that's Rex."  We were so shocked that you knew how to spell your name!  You did let me take a short video of you saying it.  You also read "Taxi" on the back of a car on tv.  Who knew you could do that?!

You love your sister so much.  You want to do everything she does, and you want to be a part of anything she's doing.  Even when she doesn't want you to.

Your best friend at daycare is Matthew.  Everyday when I ask you who you played with, you say "Maffoo."  I love the way you say it, and I wish you would say it like that forever.

You did get in trouble for saying "what the hell?!"  I couldn't even believe you said it.  But then you said "what the heck hell?!" so now I say that all the time.  Everyone at work asks me everyday what you said the night before.  They have never met you, but they think you are so funny.

You love spending time with your family.  You and Mattie are so close and I just love it.  But you have also become really close with Blake.  I can see the 3 of you getting in lots of trouble as you grow up.

I hope you continue to be an amazing little man.  Don't grow up to quickly, and always want to sit on my lap.  I love you so much, my baby.



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