Thursday, April 14, 2016

working mom

It's a hard thing to be a working mom. Imo it's even harder working retail. Some days I go in early so we have to rush rush rush to get out the door. So I barely see the kids as I'm giving them breakfast and herding them to the car. Then some days I don't go in until later. But I still get them up and off to school. But there is no real quality time in the morning. Some days I work until 10:30. So they are in bed by the time I get home. I sneak in and give them kisses. Add in Jacob leaves while we are all still in bed and teaches a night class two nights a week. So on those nights he doesn't get to see them at all. Then we add in softball. Right now we practice two nights a week (the same nights Jacob works late.)  but once games start we will be out up to 4 nights a week. 
But it's a decision I made. I needed to go back to work in order to help financially support my family. But I also needed it for the human interaction. See with my depression, being cooped up in the house isn't good. Because then I never want to leave. Then I never want to leave bed. It's a vivacious cycle. 
But besides being tough it is going really well. I'm fairly confident as a cashier. I've had several people see my new team member badge and tell me they wouldn't have guessed I was new. It's nice to be praised occasionally. It's hard to get used to the hours. Because they are different every week, I never really know when I'm going to work. 
There are going to be some obstacles we are going to come to in the next few weeks. I'm praying for God's wisdom and guidance as to how to solve these problems. I am faithful that He will help me take care of it. 
So all in all....I'm a working mom....and I love it!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Jacob Wayne

I don't deserve you. I cause you more stress than any person should. When we said for better or worse you had no idea what the worse would be. 
I can't imagine my life without you. These two babies that we created. This home we have made. 
You work so hard for us. So that we can have everything. You are our hero. Our knight in shining armor. We love you!