Friday, March 30, 2012

The little things she says and does

Lexi's speech has just been growing out of control lately. It seems like she says something new every single day. Here are some gems from this week:

I noticed her daycare paper said she didn't eat any lunch so I asked her why. She responded with "I don't like stroganoff and I don't like carrots." A good mother probably would have responded in some way urging her child to try new foods at school. Not this mama. She answered my question way better than I thought she would so I just said OK and turned away."

This same day we ask Lexi if we could name the new baby Rex. Now we don't know if it's a boy or a girl. But if it's a boy I would like him to be named Rex. She says, "No that's Poppy." Once again, this mama is speechless. I have never heard her call Poppy by his name. I didn't know she knew that's what his name was. The boys and Zoe call him Poppy Rex, but Lexi never has. I guess she just grasped that fact at some point that his name was Rex. So, at this point it looks like it will take some convincing to get her to agree to name the baby Rex.

The next day her paper says she didn't eat breakfast. Ok, I know my child is very picky. But usually there is something that she will eat from each meal. So I asked Jacob was the breakfast was. His actual words were, "it was pretty gross Danielle. It was some kind of broccoli, cheese, omelette." Well apparently they put the plate down in front of Lexi and she matter of factly stated that she couldn't eat that because it makes her sick. Now if I would have been present I probably would have fainted out of sheer embarassment. So we need to have a lesson on what words are rude and what words you can't say to people because you could hurt their feelings.

In all honestly she is a very picky little girl. I don't know where it came from, besides the fact that her father is a picky eater also. I made all her babyfood for her when she was a baby. She loved it. She loved it so much that once she got a taste of homemade, she wouldn't eat anything out of a jar. I gave away so much WIC babyfood because Lexi wouldn't touch it. And that was good for us. Because I loved making her food for her. I knew exactly what was in it and it was made with love. Once she started eating finger foods she would still eat almost anything. I would cube up sweet potatoes and she would eat them. She would eat peas and green beans, peaches, pears, apples, bananas. It was after her 1st birthday that her eating really slowed down. I was worried about it at first, but it seemed to stress her out more to try to make her eat something, and then she would end up not eating at all. So I have given in. Maybe after she turns 3 I will push her a little harder on some foods. Because I don't want her eating junk food all the time.

Current foods Lexi will eat:
pizza, bread sticks, pizza pockets, ramen noodles (she will eat a whole package), apples, oranges, chips, fries, occassionally chicken nuggets, toast or plain bread, plain flour tortilla or sometimes with cheese wrapped inside, yogurt, jello, applesauce, string cheese, waffles, poptarts, pancakes, and of course candy. She is healthy. She hasn't gained weight in a year, but she hasn't lost weight either. She is still growing taller. Her pediatrician isn't worried about her at all.

She truly is the sweetest girl and I ask myself everyday how I got so lucky to have her! She is my first true miracle!

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  1. I feel ya, my son will only eat chicken nuggets or corndogs, and the occasional pancake on a stick, and he is 6! Rarely can I get him to eat anything I cook...let alone healthy things like Lexi does. Good job Momma!