Saturday, March 24, 2012

Once again, it's been forever since I've updated.
On February 14 we got the best valentine's day gift ever. We found out we are pregnant! I won't go into great details but this is just a miracle baby. We were not trying to get pregnant and generally I have to see lots of drs and take lots of meds to get pregnant. So for it to happen the natural way is nothing short of miraculous.
With this pregnancy I have been pretty sick. The "morning sickness" didn't surprise me, as I was very sick with Lexi. I just hit 12 weeks and my appetite has started to come back. I'm scared of weight gain because I'm so much bigger this time. I am already pretty much as big as I was when Lexi was born.
We are trying to stabilize my meds. My bp med is proven to cause low birth weight, so we had to change that. With Lexi only being 5lbs 5oz at birth, I don't want this one to be smaller than that.
I also had to go off my migraine medicine. This has proved to not be good. Jacob had to take me to urgent care last weekend because I was in so much pain. They gave me a shot and a few minor pain pills. The shot didn't seem like it did anything. They pills kinda took the edge off. Then I kinda got the runaround when figuring out who is going to manage these headaches, my pcp or my ob. For now, it looks like ob.
Let me just say that I love my ob. She helped me get Lexi and I never want another ob for the rest of my life. She thinks my body is just not handling pregnancy well....hence the insane bp last time. She gave me a somewhat stronger pain med and told me it should get better soon. I got to listen to baby though and everything sounds good.
We travelled four hours from home yesterday for my grandma's 88th birthday party. Lexi and I rode with mom and dad as Jacob stayed home this trip. Yesterday I was pretty sick. But thankfully my wonderful aunt and uncle have a guest bedroom with toys and cable tv. So when I had to take a pain pill and lay down Lexi could still be in the room with me. There are plenty of people here that could watch her, but I hate to not be able to take care of her myself.
The party was today and it was great. Can't wait to see all the pictures. I also get to sleep in a queen bed with Lexi. I lo e being close to this girl. I snapped pictures of her while she slept last night because she's too darn cute.
Well, my eyes are dropping closed as I type this and my sweet girl is snoring next to me.
Much love! And I'll try to keep up more!

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