Monday, April 16, 2012

shot in the face....and other ramblings

I woke up at 4:30 this morning with a pounding head. So bad that I couldn't get back to sleep until almost 6 and then had to get up at 7 for my appt. The one where they were going to shoot me in the face. Ok, not with a gun or anything....JUST a needle full of lidocaine. For those who aren't familiar with lidocaine, it is generally a dental anesthetic. But it wasn't to go in my mouth today, oh no. It would be going into my forehead. This nerve block procedure was intended to block the nerve above my left eye and hopefully yivw mw some relief. Well, the injection hurt. It was like the hardest little pinch you could imagine. It brought tears to my eyes. It took less than 45 seconds probably. My forehead I.mediately started feeling numb, but I could still feel a slight headache. By the time I got to the elevator I was in a full sweat and needing to sit down asap. I can o ly attribute that to the epinephrine in the lidocaine hitting me all at once. That feeling wore off pretty fast, but the headache didn't go away. I came home and took a pain pill. It started to go away, but then came back with a vengeance. And it's hung around all day. So basically, at this point I'm not a bwliever of the nerve block. I spent the day in bed, not being able to sleep because my head hurt that bad.
Potty training news for the day: she did good this morning, but she was wearing a pull up and she tends to treat those like a diaper. Tomorrow she will be walking into school with panties already on. Hopefully she does better. She had one accident tonight, and I'm not even really sure how it happened.
Lastly is the pity party: I feel like I'm letting everyone down when I'm sick in bed, especially since it has been a lot lately. But I can't control when and if my head is going to hurt. So idk what I'm supposed to do about it.
Baby B update: 16 weeks today. Baby is the size of a pear. Can't wait to feel more movements, and find out the gender!

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