Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Letter to Lexi

3 years old!  Where has the time gone?  It seems like just yesterday you were a tiny baby, in a little isolette because you found it too cumbersome to retain your body heat.  And now…now you barely need me.
You have a big girl bed that you can get in and out of.  But mom or dad still has to tuck you in and turn on your music, and help you pick out which books you are taking to bed.
You use the big girl potty.  You don’t even need the tiny little girl potty anymore.  You use it as a step stool to get to the big potty.  And we rarely even know you need to go until you tell us that you’re finished and you need someone to turn the water on so you can wash your hands.
You can open the fridge to get your own string cheese.  But you still need one of us to open the package for you.
You passed your 2 year and 3 year “tests” at school with flying colors!  You are one smart princess!
You love to blow bubbles and play outside.
You love to wear your cowboy boots and cowboy hat all the time.
You push your step stool all around the kitchen so you can be involved in whatever is going on in there. 
You still don’t eat very much, and very rarely will try a new food.  But that’s ok.  You’re still healthy.
I love you!  And I hope I’m everything you need me to be as your mom!

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