Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Letters to Lexi 5/28/13

Alexia Rosemay,

You are 4 (!) years old now!  I can't believe it.  Time has flown by. 

For your actual birthday you took cookies to school for your class.  Then later we had a birthday party for your family.  This year you picked princesses.  It makes me so very happy that you are a girly girl!  You love all things girly...princesses, jewelry, makeup, fingernail polish, shoes, purses, dresses, barbies.  You were sick at your birthday party, so you didn't have the best time.  But you still got to play with your cousins and friends.  Nanny made your birthday cake.  It had a real tiara and princess wand on it!  And the cake was pink!

You love your baby brother so much!  If he's crying you try to calm him down by talking to him or singing to him.  If there's a bottle ready you will try to feed him.  You are very good about keeping him safe.  You always keep all your little toys put away so that he doesn't choke on them.  In the past couple weeks you have learned that you can pick him up from laying to sitting, and laying him back down.  It kind of scares me, but you try to be gentle.  You are so ready for him to be able to get up and run and play with you.

You are ready to go to big school next year.  You passed your evaluations with flying colors!  You are such a smart girl.  You use big words in sentences. 

You are a master at working not only the ipad, kindle fire, and phones...but now you love the laptop!

You are addicted to netflix.  :)  My little pony is your favorite!

You got a bike for your birthday so we have been practicing riding it.  You love to be outside.  We have been going on family walks lately and you love that too.

After I had my surgery you were so worried about me.  And even now after I've recovered you still tell me to be careful of "that belly."  You have a heart of gold.  And it wouldn't surprise me if you decide that you are going to be a dr, nurse, or teacher when you grow up.  Whatever you decide, you will be great at it!

I love you baby girl!  You are the sunshine in my day!



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