Monday, March 11, 2013

Letters to Lexi 3/11/13

Lexi Rosemay,

Do you know how much I love you?  I hope you never wonder.  I hope you go to bed at night and have sweet dreams knowing how loved you truly are.

You are the sweetest girl I've ever met.  And I'm not just saying that.  You have the kindest heart.  If someone else is hurt, you hurt for them.  You hated it when you saw Bubba's bandaids the other day when he got shots.  You asked me if they hurt.  I told you that they probably did.  You just kissed him and talked to him and told him you were sorry he had to get shots.

I love to see your smiling face come walking into the bedroom in the morning.  Most mornings I'm awake and getting ready for work.  You come in and stand and watch me. 

Do you know how much I hate to leave you to go to work?  On the rare occassion when you get upset when I leave, it breaks my heart.  But I know you have fun with your friends at school.

You get so excited when I get home from work.  Always telling me, "I'm so glad you're here."

I was worried that you would not understand having a baby in the house.  But you do.  You get it.  You are such a big helper!

Do you know that I come in and watch you sleep?  I come in and kiss your cheeks, cover you up, and smile.  You are like an angel when you sleep. 

You're almost 4 and I can't believe it!

I found some of your school work last night.  You had written your name, and then written MOM and DAD.  I couldn't believe it!  You are just so smart.  Your teachers next year are going to have a handful with you!

You sing and talk all day long.  It amazes me.  You can turn anything into a song.  And you are starting to figure out how to make things rhyme.  Sometimes the words don't make sense, but you are rhyming!

I love you so much big girl!



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